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Things your SEO agency can’t do for you

SEO agencies like becoming engaged and assisting clients, but don’t expect them to fix all of your issues. You must assume responsibility for crucial web marketing duties such as content generation and planning, which are things that only you can perform for your company. 

Taking more responsibility for your business’s SEO involves creating content and running campaigns that look (and feel) more like your brand. Do you need some ideas on how to get started and simplify your company for SEO? Here are things your SEO agency can’t help you with. Before we get into what your SEO agency can and can’t do, make sure you’re implementing these five strategies to boost your rankings in 2022.

Things your SEO agency can’t do for you

Resolve organizational issues

Some businesses aren’t ready for digital marketing, and even the best SEO agency in the world won’t be able to assist them. It is your responsibility to ensure that your company is adaptable and ready to meet the demands of the digital world.

The following are the primary organizational issues that prevent firms from excelling in digital:

  • too many approval rounds 
  • lack of flexibility 
  • management roadblocks 
  • insufficient time allocated to critical marketing tasks

Practical concerns like these may severely slow you down and halt your SEO progress. Consider if your company has to make some changes if you aren’t achieving the outcomes you expected when you started.

Internal processes, such as internal content development, workflow, and approvals, may need to be reviewed as part of your SEO agency investment.

Determine if you really need SEO outsourcing.

Many businesses believe that an SEO agency can persuade them that they need to outsource their SEO, but the fact is that businesses must make that choice for themselves.

There are a lot of things you can do in-house without employing an SEO agency, so weigh your options carefully before deciding if it’s worthwhile to hire one. Perhaps a recent personnel turnover or a new project has shown an additional need?

If you’re not sure if you need an SEO agency, give yourself some more time to consider it. Never feel rushed into signing a contract; the top SEOs will give you plenty of time to think about it. Use free calls, trial periods, and site audits to learn more about how your SEO agency will function and what additional value they will provide (if any).

The fact is that not every business need SEO agency, and the greatest SEOs will gladly advise you when their services aren’t required! (For further details, see this Google video.) You can read about Things you should know when working with an SEO agency by visiting

Determine how you’ll produce additional content in-house.

Determine how you'll produce additional content in-house.

Your brand must produce its own content – you must make a firm commitment to recording your brand’s existence in writing and connecting with your audience.

One of the most essential things your company can do for its digital brand is to provide regular and high-quality content, but when things become hectic, other things get in the way. Not producing material quickly enough might hurt your rankings and cause your digital marketing operations to stop, so practice sticking to your content plan no matter what.

Use writing tools to speed up in-house SEO content creation – you can now simply and quickly write optimized material. Assign explicit content responsibilities to team members so that everyone understands what is expected of them. A lack of leadership may wreak havoc on content creation.

With 0% input, you can become a thought leader

One of your most valuable assets is expertise, but if you don’t have time to share it with others, no one will be able to achieve big things with your digital brand. Expect to get featured on major industry websites if you don’t give away interviews and free material.

It’s infuriating to realize that an organization is brimming with skill and knowledge but is unable to articulate that talent due to time restrictions. Make sure you put in the time and effort to generate high-quality content that will propel you to the top of your sector.

Manage your customer service activities online.

Responding to reviews and communicating with clients on social media may get more difficult as your company becomes more prominent online. Great local SEO requires excellent customer service.

This is a critical stage for a firm that is expanding online, and it should not be delegated to other parties. Of course, you may outsource elements of your digital brand, but entirely automating customer support without input from headquarters is never a smart idea.

In order to govern your client experience, you must take ownership of your digital brand.

Complex development modifications should be implemented.

Technical SEO is a sophisticated subject that may need significant web development adjustments; don’t expect an SEO consultant or firm to apply best practices without proper development access.

Complex development modifications should be implemented.

Fixing indexing problems and executing information architecture changes are critical; your agency may need full developer access depending on the content management system you employ.

1. Give your SEO and development companies access to each other so they may talk about problems in person (or over email and phone). You may be as engaged as you want when the introductions are made!

2. What SEO enhancements can be done depends on your online environment, and you may need to locate a firm that specializes in your topic or web technology, particularly if you’re dealing with something more specific like Drupal or Magento.

3. While SEOs are often skilled at problem-solving and navigating development challenges, certain online retailers are just better for SEO. Because of its adaptability, WordPress is a popular option for business websites, particularly among new enterprises and tech startups.

Inform you of your optimal budget.

You should maintain track of your online spending rather than entrusting it entirely to a third party.

Respect any costs that are imposed on you, but be clear on how much you must pay in order to avoid getting into problems

Inform you of your optimal budget.

After all, you’re the only one who can decide how much money you have to spend. If you can’t sustain it with consistent cash flow right now, don’t get caught up in elaborate advertising and future potential.

What should you publish on social media?

Your SEO agency will most likely advise you to spend more time on social media and promote branded content via your channels since they are important engagement signals.

You may employ an outside social media manager to develop an engaging social strategy that really excites and delights your target audience. A brand that has no control over its social media, on the other hand, is not really embracing digital. Businesses must use social media to learn from and communicate with their consumers and clients. It’s not only good for brand engagement, but it’s also good for content research.

You must know what your brand represents and how you want to be seen online. You may not be satisfied with the outcomes if you give someone complete control with no guidance. The most effective strategy to handle social media is to have an open and honest conversation about your brand rules and agree on social deliverables and KPIs.

Looking for some motivation? Use Hootsuite to manage social media in a group setting, and Feedly to identify the finest material to post.